“We are deeply grateful to Governor Inslee for taking a stand on poverty and inequality. For those of you with the power to now decide whether and how to act, please remember that millions of Washingtonians, just like us, will continue to struggle to keep a roof over our head, struggle to feed our children, and live without peace of mind that things will be okay. Please don’t forget that we are the people behind the numbers, the lives that will benefit should you choose to act.” 

Steering Committee Co-chairs

 ~Drayton Jackson and Juanita Maestas

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For every $1 invested in reducing child poverty, there is a $7 return to the economy.
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26% of Washingtonians do not have enough resources to meet needs foundational to their well-being, such as adequate food, safe and stable housing, and reliable transportation.
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Among children receiving food assistance in 2000… 46% are receiving food assistance today.
Dismantling Poverty in Washington: A 10-year plan for the future

Watch Our Webinar

We’ve hosted several webinars recently to review our 10-year plan, and to prioritize strategies in the wake of COVID-19. These webinars also covered constructive comments to help prepare for submitting the final plan to Governor Inslee this summer. The Poverty Reduction team was joined by some Steering Committee members in each webinar to talk about the plan, where we are now, and aspirations for the future. These two webinars feature, essentially, the same content.

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