Blueprint Revealed: What is the 10-year Plan?

Each week, Dismantle Poverty’s Megan Matthews answers a question about the Poverty Reduction Work Group’s mission to reduce poverty and inequality in Washington State. 

Here’s this week’s entry.

“What is the 10-year Plan?”

Washington is transforming into a state where all everyone has their foundational needs met and can access opportunities to reach their full potential in life. Currently, one in four Washingtonians struggle to make ends meet. The 10-Year Plan to Dismantle Poverty is a framework for how to change that.

Poverty is complex; our plan is comprehensive. It contains eight strategies and 60 recommendations to guide the state toward a just and equitable future.

Washington’s history is full of contributions made by those in our communities. Our people are our greatest asset; they always have been. Investing in ourselves is the only business case that makes sense. The 10-year plan is a blueprint for our future investments.

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