Blueprint Revealed: What is the Governor Doing to Support the 10-year Plan?

Each week, Dismantle Poverty’s Megan Matthews answers a question about the Poverty Reduction Work Group’s mission to reduce poverty and inequality in Washington State. 

Here’s this week’s entry.

“What is the Governor doing to support the 10-year Plan?”

What a timely question. The Governor is a strong supporter of the Blueprint. In fact, on Wednesday, December 16th Governor Inslee released his proposed 2022 supplemental budget. It includes several actions aimed at tackling poverty such as:

  • A strong, holistic continuum of care for all ages. This strategy is aimed at making services easy to navigate, obtain, and receive for those who need them.
  • Keep resources in the pockets of Washingtonians- by tackling the issue of fees charged by certain programs like in-home care, foster care, and the justice systems, that disproportionately target people experiencing poverty.
  • Support individuals exiting state systems.
  • Support nonprofits as they navigate state processes through educational opportunities, resources, and technical assistance.
  • Target equitable education and ensure a just transition to the future of work.

He proposes adding positions at DSHS to ensure collaboration and coordination on agency action across the enterprise towards an aligned and coordinated poverty reduction action. Governor Inslee’s budget also includes strategies and funding meant to increase housing security and achieve climate justice, two other factors in poverty.

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