Blueprint Revealed: Who Was Part of the Governor’s Poverty Reduction Work Group?

Each week, Dismantle Poverty’s Megan Matthews answers a question about the Poverty Reduction Work Group’s mission to reduce poverty and inequality in Washington State. 

Here’s this week’s entry.

“Who was part of the Governor’s Poverty Reduction Work Group?”

Governor Inslee’s Poverty Reduction Work Group was created through the Governor’s Directive in November 2017. The workgroup includes people with lived experience, tribal and urban Indians, state racial and ethnic commissions, state agencies, Legislators, community-based organizations, and employers.

Strategy 2 in the 10-Year Plan is about shared power in decision-making. Sharing power is at the core of creating a just and equitable Washington. So that is what we did. Our Steering Committee, made up of 22 individuals who reflect the diverse demographic and geographic experience of poverty, set the priorities and direction of our efforts and gave final approval for the 10-Year Plan. While the plan is complete, the work is just beginning, and our efforts to share power continue.

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