The Team

The Washington Economic Justice Alliance

No one entity can tackle poverty reduction on its own – it must be an aligned, strategic effort with people and communities with lived experience included as vital partners, as well as agencies responsible for state systems, and legislators. Each of the partners has a unique role in making an aligned contribution to reduce poverty. The following groups are key elements of this alliance to end poverty through the implementation of the 10-Year Plan to Dismantle Poverty in Washington state, a Blueprint for a Just and Equitable Future.

Steering Committee

Lived experts who advise on the implementation of the Blueprint.

Juanita Maestas (co-chair)

Drayton Jackson (co-chair)

Ceasar Carter

Christianna Clinton

Claudia Franson

Dante Pollard

Jennifer Delia

Johnathan Hemphill

Krystina Cummins

Kristina Sawyckyj

Liliana Cory

Sherri Hall

Monette Hearn

Victoria Hilt

Miranda Hunter

Tracy Lang’at

Amy Roark

Carla Smith

Alina Swart

Shereese Rhodes

Poverty Reduction Work Group

Community experts including nonprofit organizations, state agency staff, racial and ethnic commissions and elected officials who advise on the implementation of the Blueprint.

Ami Magisos

Amy Martinez

Cary Retlin

Christina Wong

Cindil Redick-Ponte

Diane Klontz

Dona Ponepinto

Donna Christensen

Ebo Barton

Ed Prince

Emily Grossman

Erica Walker

Erin Frasier

Eu-wanda Eagans

James Miles

Jeff DeLuca

Jennie Fitzpatrick

Jennifer Dellinger

Jim Cooper

John Traugott

Kevin Lee

Lydia Faitalia

Manny Santiago

Marcy Bowers

Maria Sigüenza

Marisol Tapia Gonzales

Megan Matthews

Nancy Aguilar

Nanette Angel

Nicole Rose

Councilmember Nickolaus Lewis

Noal Alsharbini

Renee Fullerton

Senator Chris Gildon

Senator Manka Dhingra

Sharon Pesut

Steven Sawyer

Sue Birch

Tim Probst

Veronica Gallardo

Governor Inslee’s Subcabinet on Intergenerational Poverty

State agency leads who consult with PRWG & Steering Committee to put recommendations into practice within state agencies.

Jilma Meneses, Secretary of Department of Social and Health Services, Chair

Ross Hunter, Secretary of Department of Children, Youth, and Families

Cami Feek, Commissioner of ESD

Mike Fong, Director of Commerce

Drew Shirk, Director of Department of Revenue

Economic Justice Alliance Team & Staff

Alex Panagotacos, DSHS

Babs Roberts, DSHS

Charice Pidcock, DSHS

Cindil Redick-Ponte, DOH

Diane Klontz, Commerce

Felicia Doni, DSHS

Gwen Teok, DSHS

Ilene Stohl, DSHS

Lindsay Morgan Tracy, DSHS

Livey Beha, DSHS

Lori Pfingst, DSHS

Terry Redmon, DSHS

Tim Probst, ESD

Victoria Austin, DSHS

See the full list of authors of the 10-Year Plan

The 10-Year Plan to Reduce Poverty & Inequality was created in partnership with the following individuals and organizations. We are grateful for their guidance, support and shared commitment to reducing poverty and achieving economic justice in Washington state.

Steering Committee Members & Staff

Penny Archer • Marcy Bowers • Rebecca Boyer • Ceasar Carter • Ashley Chambers • Christianna Clinton • Liliana Cory • Krystina Cummins •  Jennifer Delia • Claudia Franson • Sherri Hall • Monette Hearn • Johnathan Hemphill • Victoria Hilt • Miranda Hunter • Drayton Jackson • Tracy Lang’at • Juanita Maestas • Korbett Mosesly • Dante Pollard • Shereese Rhodes • Amy Roark • Kristina Sawyckyj • Carla Smith  Alina Swart • Omar Cuevas Vega   


Drayton Jackson (Kitsap School Board) • Diane Klontz (Department of Commerce) • Juanita Maestas (Statewide Poverty Action Network) • Tim Probst (Employment Security Department) • David Stillman (Department of Social & Health Services)   

Staff, Interns, & Consultants 

Carol Albert (Department of Social & Health Services) • Briana Allen (Department of Social & Health Services) • Marie Bruin (Employment Security Department) • Cecil Daniels (Department of Commerce) • Roxanne Garcia (PRWG Intern) • Jorji Knickrehm (Department of Social & Health Services) • Patricia Lally (Racial Equity Works)  • Lori Pfingst (Department of Social & Health Services) • Babs Roberts (Department of Social & Health Services)  • Lindsay Morgan Tracy (Department of Social & Health Services) • Amy Willerford (PRWG Intern)  General Work Group Members  Amina Ahmed & Hien Kieu (Partners in Employment) • Jim Baumgart (Office of Governor Inslee) • Mark Bergeson & Ami Magisos (Student Achievement Council) • Sarah Buhayar & Lindsay Hunsicker (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) • Luba Bezborodnikova & Nicole Rose (Department of Children, Youth, & Families) • Sue Birch & James Brackett (Health Care Authority) • Gary Chandler (Association of Washington Businesses) • Jim Cooper (United Ways of Pacific Northwest) • Senator Manka Dhingra (Washington State Senate Democrats) • Eu-wanda Eagans (Goodwill Industries of the Olympic & Rainier Region) • Colleen Echohawk (Chief

Seattle Club) • Larry Eyer (Community Action Partnership) • Cheryl Fambles (Pacific-Mountain Workforce Development Council) • Erin Frasier (State Board of Community & Technical Colleges) • Nova Gattman (Work Force Training & Education Coordinating Board) • Claude Green (Mentor Washington) • Ellen Austin Hall (Attorney General’s Office) • James Harms (Department of Corrections) • Lonnie Johns-Brown (Office of the Insurance Commissioner) • Kate Kelly (Washington Hospitality Association) • Haley Lowe (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction) • Nickolaus Lewis (Lummi Nation) • Sandra Miller (Office of the Attorney General) • Erin Monroe (Workforce Snohomish) •  Nam Nguyen (Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs) • Daisye Orr (Department of Health) • Sharon Pesut (Partners in Careers) •  Dona Ponepinto (United Way Pierce County) • Ed Prince (Commission on African American Affairs) • Michael Reichert & Josephine Tamayo Murray (Catholic Community Services) • Maria Sigüenza (Commission on Hispanic Affairs) • Neil Strege (Washington Business Roundtable) • Marisol Tapia Gonzales (Puget Sound Training Center) • Traci Underwood (Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence) • Julie Watts & Liz Olson (Washington State Budget & Policy Center) • Jan Wichert (Vancouver Housing Authority) • Christina Wong (Northwest Harvest) • Senator Hans Zeiger (Senate Republicans)   

Presenters & Advisors 

Penny Archer (Moses Lake Food Bank) • Laura Armstrong (La Casa Hogar) • Amy Bell (Goodwill Industries of the Olympic and Rainier Region) • Rachel Turner-Benson (Goodwill Industries of the Olympic & Rainier Region) • Mark Bergeson (Washington Student This 10-year Plan for the Future would not have been possible without the substantial contributions of individuals and organizations throughout Washington state with a vested interest in reducing poverty and inequality. We are deeply grateful to the following people and organizations who dedicated their time, talents, and expertise to this effort.   Achievement Council) •  Brian Bonlender (Department of Commerce) • Kelly Blucher (Goodwill Industries of the Olympic & Rainier Region) • Marcy Bowers (Statewide Poverty Action Network) • Norman Brickhouse (Goodwill Industries of the Olympic and Rainier Region) • Amador Castro (Jobs for Washington Graduates) • Colleen Chalmers (Chief Seattle Club) • Sarah Chaoui (Intern, Disability Rights Washington) • Nawiishtunmi Conner (Chief Seattle Club) • D’Adre Cunningham (Washington Defender Association) • Felice Davis (Washington Corrections Center for Women) • LaNesha DeBardelaben (Northwest African-American Museum) • Karen Dove (Apprenticeship Pathways to Construction Careers) • Cindy Farnsworth (Goodwill Industries of the Olympic and Rainier Region) • Darya Farivar (Disability Rights Washington) • Maria Flores (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction) • Emil Floresca (The Accelerator YMCA) • Edel Galgon (Intern, Disability Rights Washington) • Leon Garnett (Byrd Barr Place) •  Cecilia Gonzales (La Casa Hogar) • Kim Gunning (Columbia Legal Services) • Dr. Marisa Herrera (Shoreline Community College) • Darrell Hillaire (Lummi Nation) • David Hlebain (Statewide Poverty Action Network) • Elizabeth Hodges (Communities in Schools) • John Holland (Community Services of Moses Lake ) • Rebecca Hopper (YouthWorks participant) • Heather Hudson (Washington Student Achievement Council) • Bill James (Lummi Nation) • Gerald James (Lummi Nation) • Heather Jefferson (Lummi Nation) • Princene Johnson (Beacon of Washington) • Marie Jubie (Disability Rights Washington) • Jeremiah “Jay” Julius (Lummi Nation) • Jayme Kaniss (Goodwill Industries of the Olympic and Rainier Region) • Tedd Kelleher (Department of Commerce) • Rebecca Kinley (Lummi Nation) • Amber Leaders (Office of Governor Inslee) • Dr. Terry Leas (Moses Lake Community College) • Portia Lee (participant of Goodwill Industries of the Olympic & Rainier Region’s Women to Work program) • Laurie Lippold (Partners for Our Children) • Shannon Loew (FIX Impact Capital) • Victor Loo (Asian Counselling & Referral Services) • David Lord (Disability Rights Washington) • Elana Mainer (Room One) • Reneeka MasseyJones (Equity in Education Coalition) • Brent Mayo (Grant County Economic Development

Council) • Michael Mirra (Tacoma Housing Authority) • Sharonne Navas (Equity in Education Coalition) • Michael Nguyen (Seattle Teacher Residency) •  Frank Ordway (Department of Children, Youth, and Families) • Estela Ortega (El Centro de la Raza) • Aija Ozolin (Community Advocate – Reach Center graduate) • Erika Koch Pablo (Strategic Advisor) • John Page (Equity in Education Coalition) • Dr. Robbie Paul (Nez Perce, Washington State University) • Chris Poulos (Washington Re-entry Council) • Lua Pritchard (Asia Pacific Cultural Center) • SL Rao (Department of Commerce) • Yolanda Rios (Skill Source) • Sara Robbins (Solid Ground) • Susanna Rudnitsky (Community Services Specialist, Moses Lake) • J Manny Santiago (LGBTQ Commission) • Marilyn Scott (Upper Skagit Indian  Tribe) • Lawrence Solomon (Lummi Nation) • Jamie Stout (Goodwill Industries of the Olympic & Rainier Region) • Laura Lee Sturm (Seattle Department of Transportation) • Michelle Tinkler (TACID, Pierce County) • Silvie Valdez (SL START) • Gabriele Valencia (WIOA youth participant, Family Services, Grant County) • Deborah Wofford (Washington Correction Center for Women) • Kelsey Wiltfong (former WorkFirst participant) • Tamar Zere (Green River College) • Lin Zhou (Bates Technical College)  

Extra special thanks to our PRWG interns, Roxanne Garcia and Amy Willerford, for their excellent research and overall support of the workgroup’s efforts.

 PRWG Writing Team – Roxanne Garcia, Claude Greene, Drayton Jackson, Jorji Knickrehm, Patricia Lally, Daisye Orr, Sharon Pesut, Lori Pfingst, Maria Siguenza, Marisol Tapia, Lindsay Morgan Tracy, Jan Weichert, and Amy Willerford – who volunteered their time and energy to write the plan. 

Read 20 letters of support for the 10-year Plan from state agencies and nonprofit organizations.